17th International Comics Festival, 2019, Belgrade

The winner of the comics competition, Dragana Kupresanin
Panel presentation of the three new books by “Modesty stripovi”
Guera (Rajko – Gera Milosevic, an artist, one of the main guests of the festival), Zika Tamburic (editor “Modesty Comics” and “Modesty stripovi”) and Dusan Reljic (an artist whose monograph has just been published by “Modesty stripovi”)

Salon of Comics (International Comics Festival) in Belgrade was an opportunity for public, authors, critics and publishers, from a lively comic scene in Serbia, to assess the current state of the art which they so enthusiastically belong. Miss Dragana Kupresanin won the main prize at the comics competition with her comics for blind people (!), which confirms that limits of comics art are still can’t be seen or predicted. Around 20 publishers presented their about 100 comics and graphic novels from this year, in total of 6 exhibitions were held and numerous panels conducted in a large hall with audience during the four days of the festival.

The festival was also an appreciated opportunity for people to meet, establish or continue friendships, strike new deals and discuss the position and relevance of comics art in today’s world and culture’s climate in Serbia.


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