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SITAR_TheDiaryofAnaTank_ebook_K1_fullThe Diary of Ana Tank – Iztok Sitar. This graphic novel tells the emotional story about adolescence and one young girl’s plunge into heroin addiction (132 colour pages). Ebook and Paperback.

Wostok_TheNineties_ebook_K1 The Nineties – Wostok and Grabowsky. A collection of stories in which the authors tried to escape from the harsh reality of the civil war in Yugoslavia in the nineties of the 20th century. Some are fantastical adventures, some are humorous, but they will well intrigue you by some poignant aspects (134 b/w pages). Ebook.

Oljaca_BAD BOY_ebook_K1 Bad Boy – Mladen Oljača. This is a collection of black humored short stories, from Oljača, a peaceful man from Pannonia Valley, provoked by the harsh reality when his country was disintegrated in the nineties of the 20th century (78 b/w pages, plus some illustrations). Ebook and Paperback.

Lunacek_Paradise Misplaced_ebook_K1_1024x811 Paradise Misplaced – Izar Lunaček. Lunaček perceives God as a big headed, manipulative boss, and that is just the beginning of his characterization of Christian religious icons (100 b/w pages). Ebook.

Nikolic_Cosmic Barn_ebook_K1 Cosmic Barn – Vladan Nikolić, Wostok. This is a fairy tale for children and adults (110 colour pages). Ebook.

Nikolic_Cosmic Orphanage_ebook_K1 Cosmic Orphanage – Vladan Nikolić, Wostok. This is the sequal to a metaphysical fairy tale of two travelers, Poposhak ad Flowers, for children and adults (106 colour pages). Ebook.

Nikolic_Messiah_ebook_K1 Messiah – Vladan Nikolić. Short narratives to the final and fatal absurdity that will bring down all the great truths on the towers of which people planned to build serious lives that have a serious purpose (150 colour and b/w pages). Ebook.

Nikolic_IgorTheCat_ebook_K1 Igor the Cat – Vladan Nikolić. These 1-2 page comics are an example that the language of comics easily communicates with all cultures and generations (126 colour pages). Ebook.

Nikolic_SlaysTheDragon_K1 VN Slays the Dragon – Vladan Nikolić. In his caricatures and illustrations, Nikolić discovers the truth about our contemporary society (154 colour pages). Ebook and Paperback.

Rus_A Colourful Bunch_ebook_K1 A Colourful Bunch – Gašper Rus. In these short comics, some of our contemporary human anxieties, but also our positive feelings, are well recognized (96 b/w pages). Ebook.

Bogicevic_Akant_ebook_K1 Akant – Radivoj Bogičević. This is a collection of 6 episodes of Akant, drawn in the 1960s, with classical comics adventures of a young Slavic warrior in the early days when Slavs populated the Balkan peninsula (188 b/w and colour pages). Ebook and Paperback.

Bertoncelj_Poppy_ebook_K1 Poppy – Matjaž Bertoncelj, Jelena Bertoncelj. This is a collection of short stories about young girl Poppy and about the beauty and kindness in the children’s world (122 colour pages). Ebook and Paperback.

Bertoncelj_FeedTheBeast_ebook_K1 Feed the Beast – Matjaž Bertoncelj. These short stories are author’s intimate and emotional reaction to the insensitive world around him, portrayed through powerful black and white images and enigmatic narrative (68 b/w pages). Ebook.

Sotirovski_ShortCuts_ebook_K1 Short (?) Cuts – Sotirovski, Stanojević. Captain Nitrate is fighting to save nitrate films and global cultural heritage (140 colour pages, plus illustrations). Ebook and Paperback.

BAM and DE LAZARE_HIGH NOON_K1 High Noon – Bam, de Lazare. This is a graphic novel, based on the classic western movie, implementing ‘a new director’ approach and a power of comics’ page montage (76 b/w painted pages). Ebook and Paperback.

Tadic_Kays frames_ebook_K1 Kay’s Frames – Kosta Tadić. This is a combination of poetry and tangram puzzles, of modern words and ancient ingenuity (100 b/w pages). Ebook.

Kastelic_TheSnappyFamily_K1 The Snappy Family – Dušan Kastelic. It is a collection of comic pages from the late 1990s, where the author explores our obsession with computers through colourful characters and the anthropomorphic computer itself (64 colour pages). Ebook and Paperback.

Ribnik_TheHealingIsland_ebook_K1 The Healing Island – Kostja Ribnik. A whirlwind graphic novel, but with a clear idea, depicting a meaningful elaboration on choosing a path in life (136 b/w pages). Ebook and Paperback.

Zupan_Zuzuko_ebook_K1 Zuzuko – Zdravko Zupan. A collection of one-page comics, full of compassion and innocence, drawn and in the spirit of Disney (72 colour pages). Ebook and Paperback.

Vlaisavljevic_Moonshot1_ebook_K1 Moonshot 01 – Nikt, Zaritch. Moonshot is in a drawing and scripting sense clever and zany, perfect for fans of intelligent schund, noncommercial literature and crime-noir comics (60 colour pages). Ebook.

Milovic_Heartsnatcher_ebook_K1_s Heartsnatcher – Djordje Milović. Milović’s trembling watercolour drawings and the way he chooses to narrate this graphic novel has the extraordinary capability to make you feel like you are being whispered a delicate secret (100 colour pages). Ebook.

Oljaca_Illustrations_ebook_K1 Oljaca Illustrations – Mladen Oljača. If the illustration is without spirit, which is given by the author, it remains merely just to do the job, mechanically transferring words into lines and shapes, filling the gaps on the page. The author of this book of illustrations is certainly not someone who just does the job (100 colour pages). Ebook.

Stepancic_TheTempter_ebook_K1 The Tempter – Damijan Stepančič. This graphic novel starts as an ordinary, contemporary “piece of life”, but turns into a modern, fantastical narrative with leading female protagonists (74 pages, mainly in b/w). Ebook.

160517_Pahek_Error Data_ebook_K1 Error Data – Željko Pahek. Pahek wonders what the future social interaction will be, either between humans or robots or both, and offers the possibility that the future anti-utopia might be a funny world (102 colour and b/w pages). Ebook and Paperback.

160703_Obrenovic_Cardboard City_ebook_K1 Cardboard City – Obrenović, Radovanović, Vitorović, Rus, Slipčević. These stories are intimate and personal and yet they express universal truths about the nature of humankind (134 colour pages). Ebook and Paperback.

170311_Ribnik_THE SILENT FLIGHT OF A SEAGULL_ebook_K1 The Silent Flight of the Seagull – Kostja Ribnik. This graphic novel, made in the style and tradition of “personal comics”, is intriguing, sweet and sour, oppressive and gentle (80 b/w pages). Ebook and Paperback.

Mileta Postic_111 recepis_E_K1_with frame 111 Recipes for an Extremely Happy Life – Mileta Poštić. This book is funny and bizarre, but at the same time very thoughtful, unveiling contradictions and frustrations of the contemporary life, drawn in an appealing realistic and illustrative style, think about Ripley’s Believe It or Not (112 mainly b/w pages). Ebook.